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B O O K  A  S E S S I O N

I provide massage in the comfort of your own home. If you would like to book a session please email, send a text or leave a message at 707-223-4007. All Sessions are $130 for in home massage. Hot Stone and Hydrotherapy are available for an additional $40. If you have any questions or requests do not hesitate to reach out.



Swedish massage increases blood supply to muscles. The soft tissue manipulations encourages healing by promoting the flow of blood and lymph, relieving tension, stimulating nerves, and stretching and loosening muscles and connective tissue.


Swedish & Hot Stone

Heat has a mild softening effect on connective tissue adhesions, making it a useful addition to connective tissue manipulation during massage treatments.


Deep Tissue & Myofascial Release

Through compression, friction, lengthening and shearing forces, connective tissue manipulation softens adhesions and scar tissue, relieves physical stress throughout the myofascial network, and assists in the proper laying down of new connective tissue during the healing process.

Sports Massage & Hydrotherapy

Mechanical techniques deal primarily with the connective tissue while the use of heat and cold are used for the circulatory system. Alternating hot and cold produces stronger circulatory effect and pain relief.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage can be such a wonderful outlet for expecting mothers. Massage can take on a whole new purpose while experiencing pregnancy through your changing body. Pregnancy is beautiful but it can cause a lot of stress both physically and emotionally for mothers. Massage can help with easing stress, reducing swelling and edema, relieving aching joints, and improving circulation. Bodywork has been proven to have a profound effect on pregnancies including helping with better fetal positioning and preparing bodies for labor and birth. 

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